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Install a water softener system in Casper, WY with help from DeWitt Water Systems & Services today. Call 307-234-3553 to schedule an installation appointment or inquire about our delivery services. We install soft water systems at residential and commercial properties. We also provide routine maintenance as part of our residential soft water service and our commercial soft water service to check the water pH levels.

Get Reverse Osmosis in Casper, WY

DeWitt Water Systems & Services is a local, family-owned business in Casper, WY dedicated to providing affordable soft water solutions in residential and commercial properties.

We believe providing soft water system delivery, installation and maintenance is insurance for your property. Reverse osmosis water is great for your health and for the functionality of your water appliances.

Call DeWitt Water Systems & Services in Casper, WY today to schedule an appointment for soft water system installation.

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Remove Residue and Buildup from Your Water Pipes

in Casper, WY

Do you know what's lurking in your water pipes? If your home or commercial property is hooked up to a well or a city water system, you're probably using hard water. Call DeWitt Water Systems & Services to remove unnecessary components in your water like:


The white, crusty buildup you may find in your dishwasher or faucets


A hard mineral that can contribute to clogs and corrosion in your pipes


Poses a health threat to infants, pregnant women and elderly persons

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Get a water softener system in Casper, WY

We offer a unique approach to soft water systems in the Casper, WY region. When you choose DeWitt Water Systems & Services for your residential or commercial soft water system, you have the option to buy or rent. We offer free maintenance and repairs on our rented systems.

Plus, all of our soft water systems are made right here in the United States, so you can rest easy knowing you're promoting job growth and manufacturing in our country.